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Carsten Winkler

CEO I Founder

Amazon und Asien Experte

Soscale MEDIA Consulting

As an experienced wholesaler in the consumer electronics sector in Europe, Carsten Winkler started his B2C online business 5 years ago as a successful Amazon FBA retailer and achieved monthly record sales in the 5-digit range in a very short time.


Due to his massive success and his international contacts in China, it was inevitable that he had his first own products and his own brand WALTZ produced in China, which he now sells successfully across Europe via wholesalers, sales platforms and other sales channels.


Today he passes on his knowledge and experience as an Amazon FBA and FBM dealer, the product manufacture of his own brands in Asia, as a consultant to Chinese dealers and looks after many Asian Amazon dealers in the field of product promotion, product evaluation and Amazon listing, reviews and keyword analysis.



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